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About Expert Hosting Online

Expert Hosting Online is a business located in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, United Kingdom and was started in 2006.

We specialise in Web Design, Web Development, Domain Registration, Domain Transfer, Web Hosting, Internet Radio Stations and SSL Certificates

I started the business because I wanted to provide excellent services to customers with the best servers possible, based in the UK at affordable prices. There are a lot of providers already on the market but we pride ourselves on a local business approach and quality of service.
I often deal with customers directly so that we can discuss their requirements and design idea's over a coffee rather than over the Internet. A lot of customers prefer to actually speak to a person directly rather than filling in online forms or speaking to a representative over the telephone and trying to convey their website idea's, creations, designs or expectations. We still offer this service to our customers so that they can stop by and speak to us, drop off designs or specifications to us or we will often meet them at their home, business or local meeting place around the local area. We can visit in and around the Bognor Regis area and would consider other local towns such as Littlehampton, Worthing, Chichester, Portsmouth and Brighton. Sometimes it's that local approach to business that makes all the difference and at the same time our customers are also supporting a local business which is very important to us in todays marketplace. I can often be seen out in the local area hand delivering flyers to people's letterboxes directly, again it is that local business approach that makes all the difference and sets us apart from other businesses that offer similar services. Our servers are based in London, UK and are of the highest quality, 8 core IPV6 servers with guaranteed 99.9% uptime in a state of the art datacenter, why have a UK based website and yet have your web hosting in USA or India or somewhere else rather than the UK, it does not make sense to do that and your customers may well pick up on that when they visit your website and through very little research can see that you have your web hosting in another country. We provide the best quality at affordable prices in the local area, nationwide and in a lot of cases worldwide, not many servers can boast the specifications that we can.

In the early days I was on shared hosting which was on a server in New York, USA but as I expanded the business it seemed strange to have a server abroad when we have some excellent data center's in this country. I eventually rented a server directly myself and had it upgraded to the latest specifications and located in a data center in London, UK. Today we are very proud of the services we offer to our customers and believe we offer far better quality for the price than a lot of other companies around the world. I joined a government funded National Enterprise Allowance, (NEA) scheme to start the business on a self employed basis and have been out there on the local streets delivering flyers, giving out business cards and talking with people since.

We have an automated website and invoice/receipt system in place so that customers can register domain names, transfer domain names, order SSL certificates or web hosting online 24/7. We also provide full support via our support ticket system so if you get stuck with anything and are unsure how to resolve it without assistance, we are there to help you.

Help to support a local business and enjoy all of our great services and please recommend us to a friend or two :)

Expert Hosting Online

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