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Buy and install an SSL certificate for your domain with our WHM/cPanel software

We have teamed up with Thawte, one of the world's leading Certifying Authorities, (CA) to provide high grade, 256 bit encryption techniques to our customers, and to give them, and their customers more confidence and security when connecting to their website's.

All information transmitted to or from a secure website with a high grade SSL certificate installed will be encrypted automatically, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible for anybody to read or intercept that information. This is particularly important when sensitive information is being transmitted to or from a website, such as your personal details, bank account or credit/debit card details, or any other potentially exploitative information.

Your website visitors will also know that your website is secure when they visit because their internet browser will display a padlock icon or green text in the URL, there are various display methods that vary considerably in different browsers. Visiting our website using Google Chrome as your internet browser for example will show visitors a secure address bar as shown in the example below.

Experthostingonline Google Chrome secure address bar

SSL certificates can be purchased directly from our website at: EHO SSL certificates. Prices vary according to SSL certificate type and the level of encryption and warranty provided.

Take the next step and secure your website today, we will help you get a secure website environment for your customers and provide full support for these services and can install the SSL certificate for you using our WHM/cPanel software if you are an existing customer and your website hosting is provided by us.

Existing customers can login to our client area at: EHO Client login and navigate to Services ~ My Services ~ View Detals for the corresponding domain from the main menu and then by clicking on the Login to cPanel button or by visiting their website and appending cpanel to the end of the url, for example: www.mydomain.com/cpanel and use the cPanel login details for your account.

If you are unsure of the login details for your cPanel account please contact a member of staff by navigating to: EHO Submit Support Ticket once logged in and we will provide you with assistance.

Our automated system will handle all the ticket escalations from then on and inform our technical department that a response is required, it will also notify you that the support ticket has been opened and assign a unique support ticket identification number for all future references.

SSL certificates are installed and managed in SSL/TLS Manager in your cPanel should you wish to install the SSL certificate yourself.

We look forward to providing an excellent quality, good value for money and caring staff service to our customers.

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