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How can I become an Expert Hosting Online affiliate?

Anybody who has an Expert Hosting Online account can become an affiliate. To activate your affiliate account, visit https://experthostingonline.com/affiliates.php once logged in.

Click on the Activate Affiliate Account button to sign up as an affiliate and activate your personal affiliate link.

Place the link code into a page or pages on your website to start referring visitors to your personal link and earning commission payments when an order is made via your link.

Visitors arriving at Expert Hosting Online via your link will be counted and you will earn commission for each successful order that referred clients make in our system during a 90 day period from the first referral date. This means that if a visitor clicks on your affiliate link and visits this site but doesn't make a purchase until two weeks after the referral for example, the commission will still be paid on that referral. Generally our affiliate commission rate is 15% of the sale value of goods or services purchased through an affiliate link but this may vary. If you would like to verify what the current percentage rate is please go to https://experthostingonline.com/submitticket.php and click on affiliate program and send us a support request ticket and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Affiliates also receive monthly statements via email which will show how many visitors have been referred and the total commission due if applicable.

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