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How can I create an FTP account from my customer cPanel?

You will need to login to cPanel to create FTP accounts and many other functions. Please navigate to your website url appending /cpanel to the url. Example: if your website url was http://www.example.com you would navigate to http://www.example.com/cpanel in your web browser. The login details you require to login to cPanel are the details that were given when your account was setup on our server. If you are unsure of the details or require further assistance, please login to our website and create a support ticket and we will assist you.


Once logged in, please navigate to the Files section of your cPanel and click on FTP Accounts,



Note that there are three sections on the resulting page, Add FTP Account, FTP Accounts and Special FTP Accounts.

To create a new FTP account use the Add FTP Account section of the page,



Enter a login name for your FTP account in the first box, note that the login name will always end in your domain name, therefore you should only enter the first part of the address, for example if you enter 'steve' in the login name field, your ftp login user name would become steve@experthostingonline.com in the example above.

Next, you can either use a password that you already have, or create a new password for the FTP account. You must also put your password in the Password(Again) field if you are not generating a password. Alternatively, you can use the password generator to generate a secure password for you automatically and fill in the required fields.


Next, this step is very important so please take a moment to read this carefully.  In the first step, we created a login user name 'steve', you will notice that cPanel has auto-completed the Directory field with 'steve'. If you leave this unchanged it will mean that any files that you upload with the FTP account would be placed in the public_html/steve folder. This would mean that if you visted the website in a web browser session you would not see the expected results, because the files are not in the correct folder to be read by your web browser, they should be in the public_html folder. It is therefore very important that you remove the /steve part of the Directory field if you want to publish files that can be seen by visiting your website on the internet. The Directory field will auto-complete with whatever you enter for the Login name. Assuming that your web site address was example.com and the Login name was 'mike', your resulting FTP login user name would become mike@example.com and the Directory field would become /public_html/mike. if we wanted the FTP account to upload files so that they can be viewed just by visiting the website, we would have to remove /mike from the end of the Directory field and just leave the /public_html part of the Directory field in place.


Next, click on the Create FTP Account button to create the account and it should now be ready to use.

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