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tHeOrAcLe RBL blacklist - This is our amazing RBL protection service, features include :-

• Instant protection from all known threats in our databse.
• Instant updates delivered directly to your website each time we publish files.
• Works on any server that supports htaccess files.
• Free updates to our software as it develops further.
• 10% discount for annual orders.

• An FTP account which gives access to the folder you want protected is needed, for example The only file our system modifies is the htaccess file, each time the database is modified a new file will be sent to you automatically. After the account is set up, all modifications to the htaccess file(s) will be done by our system, you will be required to send us a request to change your htaccess file customisations, we will then carry out the modifications you've requested and re-generate your file and send it to your domain.

• FREE RBL blacklist search facilities are available at

Request for edit of htaccess file - If you have an RBL subscription you can request changes to your files at any time. PLease enter the new htaccess file contents you would like to use and we will generate all future files to include the Globalspyware RBL blacklist and this text if valid for the domain name provided.


Secure Transaction This order form is provided in a secure environment and to help protect against fraud your current IP address ( is being logged.

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