Don't forget that any person can register an account on our website without ordering products and become an affiliate member. Each affiliate user is given a unique affiliate link and banner advertisement that they can post on their website, any users who follow the link and purchase items from us within a 90 day period will earn that affiliate commission.

Please note that we place a cookie on the users computer with a life span of 90 days, if they purchase from us within that 90 day period the cookie is used to make sure the correct affiliate earns commission payments so this system will not work if people delete their cookies for our website since we have no way of knowing which affiliate link they came to us from. There may be a minimum amount of commission earnings before a payment is made, if used, the commission delay will usually be set to around 25.00 meaning that once an affiliate has earned at least that amount, a payment will be made on the next commission payment run, this usually occurs on the first of each month.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

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